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Running a retail business?  Starting a new one?  Either way, we can help!  Whether you need to acquire more customers, better understand or connect with your current ones, we have the experience and expertise you need!

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Not sure of how best to spend your budget?  Need to figure out what is working?  We can help!

Web & Digital

In the age of Amazon it can be tough to compete, but every business needs a digital presence.  Let us help you be successful building your digital presence.

Business Intelligence

We live in the age of data and if you’re not collecting data everywhere you can, you’re missing out!  Figure out how to best find and leverage your business’s data.

Customer Outreach

The internet has made it easy to reach out to your customers and really hear your voices.  Figure out what they’re saying and show them you’re listening!

In-Store Experience

Got a brick and mortar location?  When people come to your store, they’re expecting something they can’t get online; give them something special to remember you!
Hello, we’re Illuminate!  We are a consultancy and community started by retail owners for retail owners.  In the current market, the age of Amazon, competing in retail is getting harder and harder and maintain brick and mortar locations is getting more and more difficult.  We are here to help, though!


We as a consultancy have important experience for every aspect of running and marketing a retail business, but we have the most important experience of all; business ownership.  We know what it is like to have to make these decisions and we’ve been in your shoes.  We are familiar with both digital and brick-and-mortar, though.  We can help you digitize, we can help you develop in-store experiences; whatever you need, we can help!

Need Help With Product Sourcing?

Are distributors, wholesalers, and other middlemen eating into your margins?  Are you having trouble making deliveries on-time and offering affordable shipping?  We can help!  With years in the retail experience, we’ve shipped furniture, batteries, and everything in between.  We can help you coordinate shipments, find new vendors, find new products, even source products directly from the manufacturers!  Looking to see how we can help you?  Just get in touch today!
Product Sourcing & Logistics Consulting
Looking to Crowd-Source Some Tactics?

Connect With Our Retail Community

Looking to figure out what other owners in your space are doing?  Want to learn tried-and-true business tactics?  Want to connect with other business owners and learn from their experience?  That is all possible with our only retailer community!
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