35% Revenue Growth in 1 Year

Independent Home & Garden Retail is thriving at the expense of big box Retailers.

Filter out the noise and focus on growing your Retail business.

How does illuminate help Retailers grow?

illuminate is a new approach to innovation, focused on experiments and minimum viable prototypes that maximise learning while minimising cost.

On-demand KPI's

Integrate 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources into easy to read dashboards that are updated in real time.

Proven User-Generated Tactics

Members of our community supply tried and proven tactics to an ever-growing, community library.
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Connect with Owners & Advisors

Connect with other business owners just like you as well as every type of business consultant you could ever need.

Business Advice & Direction

Our professional consultants are constantly busy writing and adding to our ever-growing library of professional retail business advice and direction.

Real-Time KPI Dashboard

Collecting and utilising data is essential to business success.  We make this process simple by building data sources from your different systems all into one easy to understand, on-demand dashboard.  Give access to your team on any device and start reaping the rewards of making more insightful decisions.
Illuminate Community Retail Business Intelligence Dashboard

Grow Your Business with Tested Tactics

Illuminate Community User Generated Small Business Tactics
80% of the time you just want to know what is going to get you results.  We’ve partnered up with leading retailers and world class business consultants to take complexity out of growth.  Using a scientific approach to experimentation, our tactics database will show you how you can grow your business.  Leverage the knowledge of others to learn and implement faster.  Apply the tactics yourself or collaborate with consultants.
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