Bridgman Case Study

Bridgman, a premium independent furniture specialist, wanted to grow their B2C and B2B revenue over £1 million in one year. Their main objective was to implement a new omnichannel strategy to enhance customer experience, elevate brand perception and drive more engaged visitors to their key sales channels:

– 5 high street showrooms
– Ecommerce website
– Network of trade partners

We started with a full audit of the company which involved reviewing the KPIs in place and implementing analytics and benchmarks across their showrooms and website. This resulted in the creation of 6 on demand KPI dashboards – one for each showroom and a general company overview. This not only helped Bridgman understand their numbers, but it also empowered others in the company to review the company’s KPIs within the click of a few buttons so they could make more informed decisions.

The next priority was to review the company’s positioning in the market and identify potential weak points. We then went to our library of business tactics and picked out which ones were ‘low hanging fruit’ that could be easily implemented. This was followed up by planning the following 11 months based off other business tactics that required longer implementation but would ultimately help the company reach its target goal.

The final step was looking at the Bridgman team and identifying possible knowledge gaps that they had. Once identified, we were able to close these knowledge gaps by collaborating with consultants. With this foundation of sound data comprehension, strategic planning, and collaboration Bridgman was able to meet their ambitious goal of growing their revenue over £1 million in one year.

In numbers:
12 Month growth plan
106 Tactics implemented
28% Tactics were successful
75% Highest ROI from a tactic
35% Revenue Growth


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