Reward Your Referrers with Personalised Landing Page Copy

People are less likely to refer others to a brand, product or service if they feel there’s nothing in it for them. Try rewarding them with recognition and thanks for their efforts by referring to them in personalised landing page copy. You can also send a message to both parties to help start a conversation about your product. This way, people will be more likely to share your content and refer others in the future.

Keep Your Unique Selling Proposition Above the Fold

Your unique selling proposition is what defines your business and sets it apart from the competition, but it’s only as effective as it is visible. Visitors should never have to scroll down to see your USP and, ideally, it should be at the top of the page in a large typeface and enhanced by an eye-catching hero page visual. This way, your visitors will know exactly what to do if they’re interested in your offer.

Create a Book-Now Call to Action

If you’re running a business that takes online bookings, you’ll want to give people the chance to make a booking without having to leave the page. For maximum effectiveness, try placing a book-now call to action over an irresistible visual of your offering, whether that’s a flagship restaurant menu item, an exotic touristic tour or something else entirely. This way, you’ll encourage more visitors to engage with your business in the heat of the moment.

Draw Attention to Your Unique Selling Proposition

Any marketer can brag about how their product or service is the best in its field, but such claims mean nothing if you can’t clearly differentiate yourself from the competition. Decide what makes your offer unique and communicate it effectively by speaking directly to your target audience. Look at what people want most from your product or service and draw attention to it in your ad copy. This will enhance the quality and effectiveness of your ads.

Capitalise on Pop-Culture Trends

Even if your industry doesn’t have a trendy image, it’s important for businesses to demonstrate that they’re one with the crowd. To avoid developing a stuffy and outmoded image, try referencing popular cultural trends in your ad copy. Just make sure that the trend or newsworthy event you’re referencing matches your branding and is relevant to your target audience. This will make your ads more entertaining, therefore increasing click-through rates.

Update Your Ads with Expanded Text Ads

You don’t have a lot of space to work with when it comes to paid online advertising, so you’ll want to make sure every word counts. However, using Google’s new expanded text ads, you’ll have two headline fields each with a 30-character limit. Use this space to emphasise your unique selling proposition. Doing so will help increase your click-through rate and optimise your ad spending.

Re-engage Video Marketing Viewers

Video marketing is a great way to make an impact online. If someone has taken the time to watch your video, then chances are they’ll be more open to a hard sell. Try reaching out to viewers with a retargeting campaign. For example, Facebook lets you target audiences based on how much time they’ve spent watching your videos. This will help you keep in touch with those who have already shown great interest in your brand.

Target Audiences by Age

Your product or service might not be the best fit for all ages, and there’s no point in marketing to the wrong demographic. Most online advertising platforms allow you to target specific age groups, and you should try removing poorly performing groups to make sure your ads are targeting the most likely potential customers. This will help you optimise your ad budget and increase the quality of your leads.

Boost the Performance of Your Online Store with Google Shopping Ads

E-commerce might give businesses the opportunity to tap into a truly global market, but that also means having to get noticed in a much more competitive environment. Try using Google Shopping ads to add sponsored listings in search results. Be sure to provide an eye-catching image of your product, a few words to describe it and its price. By setting expectations, especially regarding price, you’ll greatly increase your chances of click-throughs turning into purchases.

Display a Popup on Exit to Capture Email Addresses

Are you getting a lot of visitors to your website, yet the growth of your mailing list is relatively stagnant? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to take some steps to get people to engage with your content. Aside from having quality content, you’ll also want to use the opportunity to capture email addresses when someone closes the page after viewing it for a certain amount of time. After all, if they’ve already been reading the page for some time, they’ll be more willing to subscribe.