Build Your Subscriber List with SumoMe Click Triggers

Using intrusive popups that appear when people are reading your content is sure to annoy many visitors. A better way is to use SumoMe Click Triggers to place a button, link or image in your content. The trigger may, for example, open a subscribe form. This way, you can keep visitors informed on what they should do next without getting in the way of their browsing experience.

Optimise Your Advertising Bids by Time of Day

There’s no point in paying for ads that don’t reach their target audiences. That’s why you should pay close attention to getting your timing right to ensure that your ads reach the highest number of potential leads. As timing is different for every business, you should start with an industry-defined baseline before using A/B testing to continually optimise your ads. This will help you get more from your ad spend.

Use LimeLeads to Build Your Mailing Lists

Anyone can scrape email addresses off the internet to add to their mailing lists, but that will only lead to having a low-quality mailing list and, potentially, breaking anti-spam legislation. Instead, try using an industry-specific and high-quality database, such as LimeLeads, for finding quality leads for your cold-mailing campaigns. This will help maintain the quality and usefulness of your mailing list.

Add CTAs to Your Links with

Posting backlinks to your website is one of the most important elements of any SEO strategy, but it’s quite another matter getting the right visitors to click on your links. lets you add a call to action to your links to drive more traffic to your website. This way, you can more effectively reach out to qualified leads while also monitoring engagements and tracking results through the dashboard.

Boost Your Search Position

Studies show that a third of search traffic comes from the very first result, while only five percent comes from beyond the first page. By narrowing your audience and having a unique value proposition (UVP) reinforced by unique and relevant content, you’ll greatly improve your chances of appearing in the top results. This will allow you to drive more quality traffic to your website.

Display Ads on the Right Days

You can spend any amount of money you like on advertising, but it will only go to waste if you haven’t got your timing right. Use insights from previous advertising campaigns to ensure you’re displaying your ads on the right day. Google AdWords, for example, allows you to exclude certain days of the week. This will help optimise your cost per acquisition and drive more value from your advertising campaigns.

Target Audiences Based on Distributor Preference

Today’s consumers are spoiled for choice, which makes it harder for businesses to reach their audiences. Some people, for example, prefer to shop on Amazon, while others favour smaller companies. If a segment of your audience prefers to shop through a specific channel, you’ll need to appeal to them through the distributor. This way, you’ll be better able to reach those who might otherwise not be able to find you.

Segment Your Target Audience

Using the same content and marketing strategies to appeal to the widest possible audience only gives people the impression that you’re out of touch with their needs. Today’s market is far more consumer-focused, so businesses need to demonstrate that they care by crafting personalised content that speaks to the individual, and not to the masses. This will greatly increase the value and effectiveness of your content.

Include Long-Form Copy in Your Paid Advertising Strategy

While short-form ad copy might be the norm, sometimes it’s better to provide a little more information. As people become more desensitised to traditional advertising, a lot of users will automatically ignore short ads that consist of little more than a CTA. Instead, try adding long-form ad copy to a few of your ads. This way, your ads will look less like an ad and more like personalised, relevant content.